Pews,  Pulpit

Slow old Hymns

Suit & Tie


Highfield Church is made up of normal people from our community. It is an informal, caring, fun place to be.


Don't take our word for it.  Here is what others have said about us:


"I have walked past the building for years and not realised what goes on there."

"The people are real (genuine)"

"I feel I  HAVE to be there!"

"You have something for everyone, and I feel a warm welcome"

"I have so many friends now"

"I don't feel alone now"



01933 418681.  info@highfield-community.org.uk


 We are not religious

We are not hypocrites

We are not perfect!

We are Highfield Community

          Baptist Church -

Friends together!



Our Mission Statement is: "We serve a risen Saviour, who's in the world today"