Making a Mess!


For many, church is about singing old songs, pews, and long sermons. But things are changing! At Highfield Community Baptist Church, Rushden, church is about making a mess, fun, family times together and food!

On the 2nd  Friday at 6pm, Messy Church is being held in the large hall. Children and adults are coming to make things together and have fun. Minister Steve Pearman said, “families are busy, and often don’t get time to enjoy a couple of hours doing things as a family. Once a month we are holding Messy Church.



2nd Friday it's craft and table games. 4th Friday is games night! Before we enjoy some food, we’ll stop and share in a story and some music.”
Children must come with parent/guardian. Usual cost will be £1 per person
Messy Church is held on 2nd  Friday from 6pm – 8pm at Highfield Community Baptist Church Hall, Highfield Road, Rushden. NN10 9QD.      01933418681
If you need further details, please let us know